6 comments on “Vendee Globe penalties

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  2. Well spoken!
    It’s clear the race commitee dint think this over, and a shame they didnt call the protest them selves!

    Where i use to race its a natural thing to have no-go zones due to limited depth. and a no-go means a no-go, period!

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  4. I have been the Race Director for the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race for the last 3 editions and have encountered this several times. The best solution is to specify the TSS as a no go area and publish the penalty for going into the TSS in the sailing instructions so that everybody is clear from the start. The penalty should be very hard but DSQ is not normally a viable option in modern day Round The World Yacht Racing due to the large sponsorship considerations.
    You cannot implement a no go policy in all cases, i.e. going into Cape Town where it is not always sensible to sail around the TSS which is very close to the finish line. In that case the race committee should come to an agreement with the local VTS.
    The Race Committee was wrong to ask Alex to protest; they should have shown some backbone and done it themselves. They have the tracking data and if that is not enough they can put the onus onto each skipper to prove that they have complied with the SI’s. It is worth noting that the RRS does not allow you to use data from an interested party so they would not be able to use the data from Alex to protest another yacht. And yes, the penalty should be added on at the end of the race.

  5. As you note the Race Committe can not lodge a protest based on information give by an interested party (RRS 60.2 a), so they did exactly the right thing by asking Alex to protest. Obviously they did also have a look at the tracking, as they lodged at valid protest as well.

    Requiring boats to prove that they have not broken a rule seem kind of backward to me, usually one is innocent till proven guilty.

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