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Welcome to the fraternity SHANGHAI YUAI METALLURGICAL MATERIALS CO.,LTD, we will provide you with the best quality service!
Carbon Raiser
Pitch Coke
Calcined Petroleum Coke
Coaly Carbon Additive
Low N Calcined Petroleum...
Low Nitrogen Carbon Raiser
Graphite Pitch Coke
Graphite Petroleum Coke
Graphite Powder
Electrode Scraps
Brake Pad Making Material
Synthetic Graphite
Coke Powder
Raw Carbon Material
Raw Material of Special ...
Carbon Filler
Insulation Material
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Registered office:Room 521, No.6 Pangu Road,    Baoshan district, Shanghai, China, 201900
Apart from seeking for the best quality products providing to customers, YUAI still does the best to satisfy any orders from customers. We are trying to deliver a supreme service for our customers including any packaging orders, transportation and technical support.

Different customers have different needs for their package. YUAI have a rich and professional experience in packaging for a long time. We can deliver what we have promised according to the requirements of our customers, which includes types, size, materials and special orders.

YUAI also has a long term connection with all kinds of transportation companies. For customers from different areas, they can choose the best way suit them to deliver the goods such as motor transportation, rail transportation and water transportation. For either domestic and export water transportation, YUAI will also pack products into containers for our customers and ensure the products to be intact and in time. Most customers who choose motor or rail transportation, YUAI will select a best way to transport the products, which will give our customers the lowest costs, the least time consuming and without any damage of the goods.

If there is any questions that customers may need some enquires, the group will provide the technical support to help for any problems. The group will do best to solve for customers. Please feel free to call and ask.
Sales Department:
Sales Manager/ Technical Director Anny
Tel: +86-21-66780455
Fax: +86-21-66780456
E-mail: annyzhu@
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