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In our lab, YUAI has a high precision balance, mullfe furnace, sample making machine, drying box, sulfur measurement instrument and other calibrating equipments. As a result, before delivering to our customers, our products have to pass a strict test to ensure the quality and components. The testing reports will be sent to our customers to confirm until they satisfy with it.
Measurements and Measurement Standards:
1. Carbon
QJ A 2781-2004 Measurement standards for carbon content and determination

2. Sulfur
YB/T 1428-1997 Measurement standards for sulfur content and determination

3. Ash
GB/T 1429-2009 Measurement standards for ash content and determination

4. Volatile Matter
Measurement Standards: YB/T 5189-2000 Measurement standards for volatile matter content and determination

5. H2O
Measurement Standards: YB/T 1428-1997 Measurement standards for H2O content and determination

6. Weight

Sulfur measurement instrument and mullfe furnace
YUAI has applied the YB/T214-1996 measurement standards and determination for testing. The instruments have a good capability of analyzing and calculating. It will automatically analyze the components of the sample and calculating accurately. At last, it will come out with the percentage of the sulfur content.

Drying box
As a common instrument, drying box will dry the sample in order to test samples accurately.

High precision balance
High precision balance is aimed to weigh the sample very accurately, which contains sensing technology, analog electronics, digital electronics and micro-processing technology. As a result, it will be capable for automatic calibration, auto showing, removing tare, auto outputting data, auto fault screening and overloading protection. High precision balance is one of the most important instruments during sample testing and analyzing.

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